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[Future] The Weeknd – The Hills (SKULS RIP)

The Weeknd
The Hills (SKULS RIP)

SKULS have always brought the fire with their signature RIP remixes. They keep the flames going strong with their remix of “The Hills” by The Weeknd. Future and trap are the usual routes the duo take, and with this the former sound is where they head. With all the explosive energetic tracks that are coming out this festival season, it’s nice to catch a break on the chiller side. SKULS allow for that with a tasteful production that is along the lines of producers like Prince Fox. Given their extensive list of quality cuts, we’re hoping to see these two do some original productions for some of the people they’ve remixed. They certainly have the chops, as you can hear. As always, they have given this track one out for free. Hop on it!

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