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Thomston – Float (Anden Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Float (Anden Remix)

NYC duo Anden are known to push boundaries and experiment with music outside of the norm. We’ve heard bouncy up beat dance tracks to dark and emotional ballads and the direction that it’s taken them has proven to be successful. “Float” is another prime example of how unafraid the duo is to think outside the box. The original track by Thomston boasts emotionally driven lyrics and a deep melody, but Anden digs even deeper adding their personal experiences and history into the track.

Anden does a great job of keeping their remixes close to the original while still giving it a personal flair for those who want a taste of both artistic touches. The lead synth brightens Thomston’s original yet doesn’t hinder the darker side of the track and while this song proves to be a bit different, it’s a good different and we’re excited to see what else these two have in store. I got the chance to ask the duo a few questions about the remix; check it out below and make sure to listen to the track which is also a free download.

TMN: How did doing this remix come about?

A: We first heard the original song at the beginning of the summer and immediately reached out to Thomston’s management about doing the remix. We connected very strongly with the vocal and the songwriting and are really excited we were able to do the remix. We actually finished it back in August, so we’re happy it’s finally out now!

TMN: What was the hardest part about it?

A: Our first ideas for the remix were to expand on the writing in the original and build out a longer arrangement. The initial sketches for the remix were around eight minutes in length (much like the final version), and so it was tough at first to commit to something that was already a bit unconventional. With a song this long, we wanted it to evolve and progress in order to stay interesting, so that was a really fun challenge we took on in our approach to the remix.

TMN: Favorite part about creating this remix?

A: Writing the lead synth part in the main breakdown of the song. We were hoping to have something more hopeful and elevating to contrast the darker feel of the chords and bass, and we’re really happy with how that section of the song came together. Technically speaking, we made that instrument with our Korg MS20 (a hardware synth), so the whole process had a very natural and organic feel to it.

TMN: You guys have been experimenting with darker and more emotional music, why is that?

We had a collection of experiences earlier on in the year that inspired this new sound – many were music specific experiences (parties we went to, etc), but others were more personal ones. One important personal experience was quitting a day job to do music full time. Along with the happiness and excitement of doing music for a living came an increased amount of anxiety and stress. Experiencing such an intense range of emotions definitely played a part in wanting to create music that captured that same feeling – something that is dark and melancholic, but also uplifting and beautiful.

TMN: Can you give a little insight on your production process for this remix? Did you try anything you may not have tried before?

A: Most of the writing actually happened very quickly, we wrote pretty much all the instrumentation in just about a day. There was still quite a bit of tweaking and fine-tuning after the fact, but we find that the songs where the ideas flow out quickly and naturally are often our favorite ones in the end. In terms of new things, not using a normal 4×4 kick drum pattern was a first for us!

TMN: When will we see another original track from you guys? and what does 2017 look like?

A: We actually are in the process of signing our first original record (more details to follow soon!) and are working with a few artists on a remix pack for it. That should be out early next year, along with a number of other remixes and originals we’ve been writing. We also recently started a monthly radio show called Sound Room, which you can check out on iTunes and Soundcloud. For performances, we are wrapping up the year with a show at Hammerstein Ballroom for NYE, and we will be hosting our 3rd popup party in NYC early next year. These popups have been an awesome way to showcase our recent work and take a unique space in the city and convert it into a house party for one night only.

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