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[Dubstep] Trivecta – Ease My Soul ft. Charlotte Haining

Trivecta ft Charlotte Haining
Ease My Soul

We know, we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: We love discovering on the rise artists. There’s a novelty in finding a song that really makes you feel something and then seeing who created such a thing but not recognizing the name. That’s exactly what happened with Trivecta’s latest single, “Ease My Soul.”

Putting the bass throttles on full, Trivecta comes in hot from the sunny state of Florida to craft a tune that is equal parts beautiful and hard-hitting. The vocalist he chose, Charlotte Haining, couldn’t have been a better choice as her musical component only adds an extra layer of depth to take this track into the stratosphere. Mobilizing a calvary of nebulous melodies, Trivecta takes us back to the days when dubstep was the best thing since sliced bread and really blends the bass, percussion, and accents elegantly for the drop. He will without a doubt be an artist that we keep our eye on in the future.

Buy “Ease My Soul” on iTunes, and stream it above, or on Spotify.

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