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[House] Sinden & Hotfire – Twiddle

Sinden & Hotfire

Insomniac Records recently dropped a completely free compilation centered around Sinden. Not only did Sinden curate the compilation, adding friends including R3LL and LO’99, but he had several collaborations on the project. One of those collaborations was on “Twiddle” with the San Diego duo Hotfire.

“Twiddle” is a techy, old-school driven funk machine. The bouncy basslines have groove written all over them. Underground house-heads will hold this dear like the treasure it is, while anybody who jives with some bass and a four-to-the-floor kick pattern will surely be dancing away to this sweet collaboration. We wanted to highlight this single, because it was one of our favorites off the entire compilation, but don’t let that stop you from checking out the whole thing. Like we said before, the entire compilation is released for free, so you can get this and plenty of others goodies for you digital library.

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