Denver native Vinnie Maniscalco is an eclectic producer who cuts through genres like a butter knife. Just few months back he blew us away with a slaughtering big bass dubstep remix of Figure’s The Monsters Revenge. Today, Vinnie is switching back to his electro roots, delivering yet another amazing release.

‘Glad You Came’ is the second single from British-Irish boy band The Wanted, off their second studio album, Battleground. In a collaborative effort with local producer Tyler Layers, these two producers strip away the soft bouncy dance beats from the original, only to replace them with a delusional and filthy R-rated bassline that spans for 8 bars and keeps on grinding. There is no coming back after minute 2:30.

UPDATE: Artists soundcloud has reached it’s download limit. Please use this link instead.

’The Wanted – Glad You Came (Vinnie Maniscalco & Tyler Layers Remix)’
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