Your Body is a Weapon [R3HAB remix]

Earlier this month, Liverpool indie rock legends the Wombats released their smash new single “Your Body is a Weapon.” The playful, guitar centric indie dance tune is catchy as hell, with lyrics that are perfect for the dance floor. With that in mind, we’re more than excited to premiere an electro house remix of it by one of our favorite Producer/DJs – R3HAB.

In this take on this track, R3HAB dials it up with some electro house synths, a big buzzing bassline and carefully placed samples. Repeating the chorus line “Your body is a weapon, love. And it makes me wanna cry. My body is a temple of doom. Doomed not to be by your side,” the lyrics almost feel like they were meant to be in a house tune.

After listening to this club pleaser a few times over, we’re already counting down the days till the weekend.

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