There are very few tracks that stand the test of time, and while this may not be one of them, I found it a refreshing re-listening to it today. Jose Gonzalez has a distinctive way of keeping fans captivated with his soft voice and comforting guitar.”Crosses” was released under Gonzalez’ first EP in 2003 and then a couple months later in his debut album Veneer.

Tiesto is known to keeping a balance between high energy house music and soft hypnotic songs that lets you breath and recoup your energy for the next banger. Even though Tiesto barely adds anything to the ‘Crosses’, other than a marching bassline, it does balances the track bringing in it down a notch. A perfect track to throw at the end of a party, it has enough energy to keep you standing, but lets you rest your ears in a pillow of longing vocals and peaceful guitar pickings.

Download: Jose Gonzalez – Crosses (Tiesto Remix)


Original: Jose Gonzalez – Crosses

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