Recently we were writing up an interview with The Griswolds when we noticed a peculiar looking voice recording in our phone. It was labeled “Niggggglio,” and to be honest, we had no recollection of what it was. After listening for a few seconds, it all came pouring back in. Back when Victor came to play at Beta Nightclub, we imbibed a little bit in the green room after his set. While we were enjoying a few adult beverages, we whipped out our phone and started recording.

We had no questions written down or planned. This was completely off the cuff.

We transcribed this as it was spoken, so forgive us for the incorrect grammar and nonsensical sentence fragments. We’re merely trying to capture the vibe in an accurate manner.

Editors note: We’ve been emailing and IMing with Victor for a few years, have hung out together at shows in Miami, and at a hotel party. The only reason why we felt like this was appropriate was due to our personal relationship with one another. We value our ability to speak to the biggest artists in music and would never jeopardize that by acting in an unprofessional manner. 

TMN: Let’s do a completely off the cuff interview. All random questions.

VN: Go!

TMN: If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

VN: Booty.

TMN: That’s an amazing answer. If you were a classic American muscle car, what would you be?

VN: Oh…um. A Mustang. But a cool one, with Alligator interior and racing stripes down the center in tye die, and a turbo engine.

TMN: Have you ever eaten acid?

VN: No.

Bystander: Or a s’more!

TMN: Have you ever eaten acid or a s’more?

VN: I don’t think so.

TMN: (Laughing) What’s the weirdest drug you’ve ever done?

VN: Aspirin.

TMN: Ok, weirdest experience you’ve ever had on drugs?

VN: Hmm. No.

TMN: Skip?

VN: I’ll tell you when we’re done.

TMN: Ok, and I won’t transcribe it, because this won’t continue recording. This phone.

VN: (giggling)

TMN: Ok…best memory in Miami?

VN: Ohhh. Going to Mansion in shorts and getting a free table and bottle. Then leaving Mansion and ending up at Eleven until 7:30 AM. I looked at my homie next to me and had a quick moment of sobriety and was like, “buddy, I’m sorry, but you have to get me out of here. We’re past that point. You need to tuck me in.”

TMN: The apocolypse is upon us. We’re forced to…into cannibalism…which DJ would you eat first?

VN: Oh mannnnnnn. (Laughing). Martin Garrix because he’s like a little veal. He’s young and tender.

TMN: I don’t know if we’re going to publish this. Ok, what’s the most embarrassing song in your iTunes collection?

VN: Um…I don’t have my computer.

TMN: You know it…is it “I Kissed a Girl?”

VN: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

TMN: Ok, that’s a fair enough answer. If you could join…join on stage with any pop artist for a one song collab during their show, who would it be?

VN: Can they be dead?

TMN: This is completely hypothetical.

VN: Frank Sinatra.

TMN: If you were put into a Big Brother type situation with a bunch of DJs in one house, who would you pick for your roomie?

VN: Borgore.

TMN: You guys get along. What’s the weirdest story you have with that guy?

VN: His mansion party last year at Ultra. He threw a private party and only invited DJs and models could come. It was at a mansion, it had security and it was catered. I was so black out drunk that I ended up throwing up out of a cab window. I ended up in a friend’s hotel room that I wasn’t even supposed to be at. It was like a buddy of mine from Philly that I wasn’t supposed to be with. I ended up sleeping on the tile.

TMN: If you could play at any Vegas club next, what would you play at?

VN: Hakkasan.

TMN: Favorite shoes?

VN: My Supras.

TMN: Dream collaboration, dead or alive?

VN: Me and Brandon Flowers from the Killers.

TMN: If you could go back to any point in time and play music, what would it be?

VN: The 1800’s.

TMN: Who’s a blast to be on stage with?

VN: I’ve never spun with him, but Aoki just has so much energy. There’s a lot fun people to play with.

TMN: When you first started producing, which label did you see yourself aligning with?

VN: Dim Mak.

TMN: Seems to match your production style. If you could guest star on any TV show, what would you do?

VN: Entourage, if it were still on the air.

TMN: What’s your favorite TV show?

VN: Dr. Who.

TMN: Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

VN: Yes, of course!

TMN: Which house would you belong to?

VN: Stark, because I’m told that I look like Jon Snow.

TMN: You do resemble Jon snow. This is off the cuff. I have no idea where these questions are coming from. Who was your favorite character on Sesame Street?

VN: Animal. He was turnt up.

TMN: How old are you? When were you born?

VN: I’m 22.

TMN: Jesus Christ. You weren’t even born in my decade. Ok, were you big into TLC? “Don’t Go Chasin Waterfalls?”…will you remix that song? Seriously, do it. It would do well.

VN: (In high pitched voice) yeahhhh.

TMN: That high pitched voice means “no.” Ok. What was the first album you bought?

VN: Linkin Park.

TMN: Mine was Boys 2 Men.

Bystander: This is some deep shit.

TMN: If you had one piece of advice…like you give a lot of advice to up and coming producers…but if it were one piece, what would it be?

VN: Make good music and send it to me.

TMN: Fair enough. Are you gonna start a label?

VN: Yes.

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