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Back in the caverns of our conscious, we remember a time where there was no dubstep stage. Not that we don’t love music of the bass laden variety, it’s just that we’re a little disappointed that some genres of EDM have become lesser known. While we love the amazing amount of talent that goes into what’s popular here in the states, we have a huge soft spot in our hearts for Drum and Bass.

Popping each joint to the hit of the snare, we’d dance for hours. The smooth melodic basslines, the rolling hi-hats…it seems so far away. Yet, we’re still in love with this genre, and will continue to be as long as we’re still gasping for air on god’s green earth. This is exactly why we love Kove.

This UK based producer/DJ has captured our hearts and ears with his funky soul inspired liquid style. It’s passionate, yet not overdone in any way. It’s infectious, crawling under your skin in all the best ways. After spending some time getting to know his music, we decided that we had to get to know a little more about this bearer of delicious beats. So, we asked him five simple interview questions alongside of what his five favorite tracks are at the moment.

TMN: Hey Kove! Thanks so much for taking some time to sit down with us. Let’s kick this off by talking about your upcoming EP, ‘Measures’, which is due out Oct. 21st. What can people expect from this 4 track EP?

Kove: Hey, Yup, Measures is out soon! To be honest its been so long in coming that I’ll be glad to get it out! Really, ‘Measures’ was an exercise in experimentation, feeling out what works and what direction I might go in once I start writing the album. It was also an opportunity to introduce more conventional song elements into the music.

TMN: One thing that we can’t seem to figure out is how drum and bass lost it’s way here in the states. It’s rather disappointing to us that this genre and its artists don’t get as much love as others over here. Do you pay attention to current trends, or are you solely focused on just producing the sounds that you enjoy creating?

Kove: I think you have to find a balance between the two. You always have to pay attention to what’s going on but on the other hand copying something and recycling the ‘current’ music is, for me at least, unsatisfying as an artist. For instance the resurgence of house in the UK is great, so taking those influences that are coming through at the moment and putting them in a more dancefloor orientated setting for me is great.

As for the situation in the States, drum and bass has never been massive over there but from what I understand, slowly seems to be emerging. It’s probably better that the rise of dnb over there is on a slower trajectory and not having the stellar rise that dubstep took, as hopefully should it reach those levels, it will stick around longer as the foundations of the scene will be deeper rooted.

TMN: Speaking of your sounds, we absolutely love your liquid drenched DnB style. You infuse quite a bit of soul, funk, and garage into your sound. Where do these influences stem from? 

Kove: I was a bit of a latecomer to dance music, I gravitated much more towards music from the 70’s and 80’s and through studying guitar rock and band based music was the obvious listening choice. I think having those influences helps to get rid of some of the sterility that electronic music can sometimes have, adding a bit of guitar or some jazzier chords can help bring a bit more of a human element into the tunes. Recently I’ve really been getting into garage, I just love the vibes and simplicity of it.

TMN: So coupled with these questions are some of your favorite tracks right now. Do you find yourself gravitating to one particular genre or artist? Who’s one artist that you always look forward to hearing their newest releases?

Kove: Not really, I tend to like anything if its got a great hook, regardless of tempo or genre. To put it down to one artist is too hard! There’s loads of great new dnb coming out at the moment, I’m stoked for Wilkinson’s album. His output is so consistent, great listening tunes that function on the dancefloor. I know Dimension’s got a few bangers hidden up his sleeve at the moment and on the harder side of things Audio has been smashing recently.

TMN: Alright, last question. This EP is all original material done solely by you. Do you have any collaborations coming up? And following that up, if you could collab with anyone in music, who would it be?

Kove: I find the studio environment pretty uninspiring; I find that sometimes, good tunes crop up with the laptop in bed. Probably because of that I’m a bit reluctant to go into collabs. However I’ve been working with Dimension recently, we’ve got an 80’s style drumstep tune that we really should finish up, hopefully we’ll work on a few more conventional bangers as well. I’ve also been working with some great singers and songwriters, writing tunes from the ground up as opposed to sticking a vocal on top of an already finished track. If I could collaborate with anyone it would have to be either Robert Plant, that voice will never be bettered or Bryan Ferry, again such a brilliant voice I still love the atmosphere Roxy Music and his solo records produce.

TMN: Thanks again for taking a moment to chat with us. We can’t wait to pick up the EP in a few weeks.

Kove’s Five Favorite Tracks Right Now

Journeyman – Get Closer – Love this one, great vocal and top production.
Mind Vortex – Gravity – I’ve been playing this in every set since it came out on promo. Yet another banger from Mind Vortex, their tunes always destroy the dancefloor.
Chase and Status – What is Right – One of my favorite’s from their new album. Really shows their ability as great songwriters.
Camo & Krooked – WKND – The whole Zeitgeist album is great. Really forward thinking dnb that still does wonders on the dancefloor.
Josh Butler – Closer – Love Josh’s take on house, always creates a great vibe on his tunes, especially on the vocals.

’Journeyman – Get Closer Feat. Georgia Claudette’
’Mind Vortex – Gravity’
’What Is Right Feat Nile Rodgers & Abigail Wyles’
’WKND (Clip)’
’Josh Butler – Closer’
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