A Real Hero

Brooklyn indie-poppers High Highs raised a few eyebrows when they decided to cover College & Electric Youth’s shimmering 2011 single “A Real Hero”, which gained much of its notoriety for the perfect placement in the Ryan Gosling starring soundtrack-disguised-as-a-movie: Drive; but in our humble opinion gave a new dimension to the spacey track that even more listeners could connect with. One of High Highs most integral producers/writers Oli Chang, however decided there was even more work to be done to the tune, and by use of a brand new solo project, Lovelessremixed “A Real Hero” in a manner that may be more appropriate for an all night disco dive-bar dance party. While Loveless remains in its infancy as a music project, we had the pleasure of hearing his first mixtape back in July which featured some of our absolute favorite artists at the moment, while simultaneously displaying a knack for and taste of the best soulful electronic music around. It was a pleasure to see all of that skill translate into a very solid debut from Loveless, which as a whole, binds multiple layers of airy and provocative synth work with 80’s fueled percussion and tonally reinforcing pads. Just really lovely stuff (no pun intended). Without further adieu, we are very pleased to premiere the Loveless remix of “A Real Hero”.

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