We warned you. LEViT∆TE. is continuing the rampage that is the revelation of his Mecca album. Last week we witnessed the midway point of the unveiling, and now we’re on the third batch of tunes.

With this week’s threesome of records we get a single, then a two-part project of the song “Clique Mode.” Before the one-two punch, we hear “In The Woods,” a exceptionally dynamic record that shares a story within itself, taking the listener through various stages of soundscapes and emotions. With the first part of “Clique Mode,” an equally as expressive single as the one prior, and maybe even moreso. LEViT∆TE.’s songwriting abilities are out of this world; few bass producers compare. The second part of “Clique Mode” augments the first in every way. These two tracks together may be the strongest trap A-B sides of 2016. Collaborators in this part of the Mecca album include RA Scion, TezaTalks and Spac3man. As with the other songs, each is currently available for free.

’LEViT∆TE – In The Woods (feat RA Scion)’
’LEViT∆TE – Clique Mode pt. 1 (feat. TezaTalks, Spac3man)’
’LEViT∆TE – Clique Mode pt 2’
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