We wouldn’t mind if Isaac Lee came out with a new song every week. This dude is the real deal. Today he dropped a dope new single through 20XX called “I Don’t Mind.” We’re going to go ahead and just tell you now to get a copy of the single from iTunes. You must have it.

“I Don’t Mind” is a dark, seductive single that moves between two genres without any problem. Isaac Lee doesn’t care that Summer is here, he’s bringing a haunting, overcast vibe that we just can’t get enough of; we’ve had this jam on repeat since we first hit play. It will wrap itself around you and it doesn’t let go easily. When people say a song is “big” it has a certain type of quality to it that makes it feel like it is overtaking you from all angles and that’s just what “I Don’t Mind” does. It’s a hell of tune that – like we said before – is a must have.

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