Denver’s prolific artist group Triad Dragon have been synonymous with high energy music from the start. Born in 2012 (coincidentally the year of he dragon?), the trio, in full ninja fashion, have infiltrated the Electronic Music Dance local scene with the release of quality original and creative remixes (most notably the Daft Punk – One More Time remix we featured earlier this year. Just like our weekly “Party Playlists” that equip you with just the right amount of party tunes for the weekend, their latest release “Epic Party Kit EP” proves to have similar results with outstanding tracks like “Movement” and “Noise Complaint”. The EP is completely free and you can download it off their soundcloud here.

’Triad Dragons – Noise Complaint (Original Mix)’
’Triad Dragons – Pew Pew Pew (Original Mix)’
’Triad Dragons – Movement (Original Mix)’
’Triad Dragons – Stand Up (Original Mix)’
’Triad Dragons featuring Joman – Firewall (Original Mix)’
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