Wolves (The Svens Remix)

Joe Goddard and Greco-Roman Records have built a solid reputation in part by helping break the music careers of rising electronic trendsetter T-E-E-D and Disclosure. The newest addition to their stable (whom we featured earlier this month), Valentina, already appears to be another clear cut hit for the Berlin to London collective. The sultry pop singer has seen her stock begin to rise amongst tastemakers worldwide with the release of her single “Wolves” two months ago, and while a healthy buzz has been picking up amongst the blogosphere, fans were left in limbo as the April 18 release date of her EP of the same name had been pushed back indefinitely. All has been patched up now as a June 5 date has been handed down by label brass, and in anticipation, Greco-Roman is leaking a few remixes that will surface on the release. Giving the dreary ballad a glitzy deep-house remix today is Scandinavian duo The Svens, and this one had the ol’ rump shaking harder than Wreckx n Effect did in ‘92. Featuring Valentina’s celestial vocals wrapped in a hypnotic house drum kick, The Svens managed to pair their club sound seductively with hers, creating a cut appropriate for peak-hour club sets or more turned down after-party affairs. As an even bigger midweek treat to our ninjas, the track has been offered up as a free download in anticipation of the Wolves EP drop, so do yourself a solid by getting those dance-muscles in shape and picking it up here.

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