Samuel Truth

Having teamed up with one of the most well-respected collectives, Darker Than Wax, Auckland producer Samuel Truth gives us a taste of the future in his newest original, “Emerald”. Simply pressing play to this gem (pun intended) has us floating in the universe with a bunch of intergalactic species. Samuel Truth gives us every reason to take off in our own little rocket ship and venture off into the vast nothingness ahead of us. “Emerald” fuses together a mixture of genres such as chill/future wave, bass, and trap elements, however, all we can say to describe this song is ‘PURE VIBES’. As vague as that sounds, this soul-enriching original clears the mind, seduces the soul, and allows the body to organically flow without any conscious effort. Darker Than Wax has a solid reputation for a reason and in short, have released a compilation album to celebrate reaching 10k likes on Facebook. Their message to listeners was plain and simple –

“These few months have been truly inspirational; with our movement gaining ground globally, forming new communities in different corners, and interesting opportunities unfolding, it is to say the least, extremely gratifying to know that despite staying pretty much under the radar and not dabble heavily in that PR game, we can still evolve and touch others simply by sticking to our guns – that music should be diverse and expressed in various forms.”

Samuel Truth is just one of many talented artists to be featured on this compilation and “Emerald” just happened to resonate something loud and clear to the ninja fam. Enjoy the rest of the free compilation here and support DTW as well as the rest of the artists!

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