Bit Funk – Off The Ground [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Bit Funk
Off The Ground (ft Shae Jacobs)

We are proud to present a first look at Brooklyn-based Bit Funk‘s music video for his newest single “Off The Ground.” here at TMN this morning.

Call him El Nino– this track is making huge waves in a very short amount of time. The tune has already hit #2 on HypeM and has close to one million plays since its release. The motivating clap track that’s present at the start of the song along with Shae Jacobs’s R&B-driven vocals are a retro electro combo that builds until it drops. The modern electronic sound rushes in with a deep house beat and the commencement of vocal loops, reminding us that this is indeed a club hit. At this point everyone in the crowd is going to be straight boogie-ing. I know we were our first listen. This track’s smooth and well on its way to becoming a dance floor regular.

For some added boogie inspiration, make sure to check out the music video, as well.

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Viceroy – Dream Of Bombay (Bit Funk Remix)

Earlier this year, San Francisco’s summer enthusiast/producer Viceroy released a bright track ‘Dream of Bombay’ featuring the breezy vocals from up and coming vocalists Chela. Today however, Bit Funk, the Brooklyn funk engineer/producer improved upon the blusterous and joyful original with bumpy yet smooth groove that is just as digestible as a cool beer as you sick your toes in the sand on a warm summer day. There may be blizzards and storms happening this winter, but tracks like these are bound to keep your ears warm.

’Viceroy – Dream Of Bombay (Bit Funk Remix)’
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