[Hip-Hop] Azad – “Enough of You” (Karnaval Blues Remix)

Enough of You (Karnaval Blues Remix)

“Enough Of You” is Sango, Atu and Dpat all producing under the smooth flow of LA-based rapper, Azad. As if that couldn’t get any better, it was just flipped brilliantly by the indie producer Karnaval Blues. With names like this on the original saying the bar is set high would be an understatement. But with Karnaval Blues’ washed-out take on the production and mixing of Azad’s rap it surpasses expectation. Thanks to this epic flip, we’ve got a new up-and-comer we’ll be certainly keeping an eye on. Give it a listen above.

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[Electronic Soul] midnight – Absolute Reprise (prod. Karnaval Blues)

Absolute Reprise (prod. Karnival Blues)

Following his 0:00 EP, midnight teamed up with Majestic Casual for a brand new tune that marks a continuation stemming from the project’s second track, “Absolute”. He croons:

You’ve seen the way that they look at me but / you’re not afraid, you wanna stay / you’ve seen the way that my mind can be / you’re my savin grace, you keep the devil away

midnight’s trademark has always managed to juggle being smooth, being aware, and combining both of these aspects to blaze his own path in the ever-colliding worlds of electronic music, R&B, and pop. The revamped production courtesy of Karnaval Blues constructs a complementary vision to the crisp falsetto delivery of midnight in the instrumentation, building a solid foundation around his vocals with a measured tact. midnight continues to create relieving and soothing tunes time after time, and “Absolute Reprise” is another winner. Majestic Casual hooked us up with a free download here.

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