[Resident Artist Exclusive] Showtek’s Essentials Part 2

The Music Ninja Presents: Showtek's Essentials Part 2

For our third installment in Showtek’s tenure as our Resident Artist, we’re excited to bring you “Essentials Part Two”. No, this isn’t just another version of their show Skink, this is a new program that gives you a little more insight into what the guys are digging on at the moment. It covers a broad range of tracks that you probably won’t hear in their sets, but know that they’re into at the moment.

DJ brotherly duo Wouter and Sjoerd have provided one track for the following categories: favorite classic, current favorite, future classic, secret weapon, best new talent, favorite chill-out song, road trip essential, and pregame track. Their favorite classic is meant to educate the new generation of dance music fans, while their current favorite will be directly relevant to their fans’ tastes. The future classic track is a tune they believe will be continued to be played long after its initial success. The secret weapon is a jaw-dropping track only to be used to stun the crowd at the most opportune moments. Best new talent features a promising emerging artist. The favorite chill-out song demonstrates their balanced taste with something mellow. The road trip essential is a tune that they enjoy listening to while traveling. Lastly, the pregame track is to be used as a warm-up for partying.

Favorite Classic: Marco V – Simulated

Current Favorite: Toxic – Infected

Future Classic: Martin Garrix – Animals

Secret Weapon: Jack Beats – About To Get Fresh (Brillz Remix)

Upcoming Talent Support: Danny Avilla – Tronco

Favorite Chill-out Song: Bakermat – zomer

Roadtrip Music: Raekwon Feat Ghostface Killah & Method Man – Icecream Man

Pregame Track: Vinai – Hands up

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[TMN Resident Artist] Showtek Showing What is Up

Showtek Feat We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson
Booyah (Original Mix)

Any artist who loves sushi is good in my book.

Our resident brothers for August, Showtek, sat down to chat with us about their musical history, Jay-Z and why Salt Lake City is one place they will always visit.

TMN: Hey fellas. Thank you so much for taking a few moments to sit down with us and for taking over TMN for the month of August! Let’s start off talking about you guys as brothers. How did you both decide that you wanted to play music together?

Showtek: We never had the dream of becoming DJs, it really just happened, but not out of the blue of course. We started producing music as a hobby. We both loved music when we were young – Wouter played piano and Sjoerd worked on beats on his computer. When our parents got divorced we needed a way to express ourselves! We hooked up as a team and locked ourselves up in our little room and just made music, straight from the heart. We had no background in music, no schooling, no one who taught us how to work music programs, we just discovered everything by ourselves.
When we released our music in 2001, we immediately scored. We reached the charts in Belgium and our tracks were played by other big DJs. So within a year our name started to grow in our own country and some parts of Europe. We were asked to play in a club in our hometown as residents DJs, and from there on we started to really DJ. We love DJing and traveling the world, don’t get us wrong, but it started with producing music.

TMN: Did you start off by learning traditional instruments? Did you guys have sibling arguments over who got to play what?

Showtek: Wouter played piano when he was a teenager and still does. He also plays guitar, so he is definitely the musical Mozart out of the two of us. Lots of melodies are created on the piano at home, and from there we start making most of our music. We never really argue about producing or DJing. Sometimes we agree to disagree, haha.

TMN: Were your musical aspirations something your parents encouraged growing up? How do they feel about you guys being together all the time doing what you love, and experiencing tremendous success while doing it?

Showtek: Well our father has only seen us twice on stage, once at Sensation and once a local festival near his house. He is really proud now, but if our parents stayed together our career might have never happened. After the divorce we both skipped a lot of classes at school, and Sjoerd was even kicked out three times because he always skipped the first few hours. We always worked until 4 in the morning, freaking on beats and stuff. Our dad would never allow us to do that, but we took advantage of our mum who worked all day to feed four kids. She didn’t really notice! The fact that our parents got divorced brought us more together.

TMN: Speaking of tremendous success..”Cannonball”. Holy shit. That song took the EDM world by storm and was seemingly around every corner. Between Ultra, WMC, and Coachella, we heard it dozens of time by all kinds of different DJs. What was it like experiencing that?

Showtek: Yeah it became a big bomb! It was received really well and was supported by big DJs. We were at Ultra and our tracks were played 34 times! Haha.. Yeah it’s always cool to hear that people like our music. That song brought us to another level in the dance industry. It was in the top 40 for 24 weeks in Holland, got a golden record, and it was the same story in Belgium and France. So far it’s been our biggest achievement in music!

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[TMN Resident Artist for August] Showtek

Showtek Feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson
Booyah (Radio Mix)

Summer is slowly leaving before our eyes but that doesn’t mean the hot artists have gone anywhere. This month our resident artists are the two brothers who make up Showtek, Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen. These two brothers got it right from the start; they took their passion for music and turned that into creating and producing incredible music for almost a decade now. They began in a small town in the Netherlands before they exploded into the music scene, leading the Dutch movement dominating the airwaves around the globe. With their debut album in 2007 called “Today is Tomorrow”, these brothers immediately showed the world they were ready to introduce their own electronic music, Showtek style.

Since then the two have showed no signs of slowing down and their recent transformation from hardstyle to progressive/electro-house has resulted in mega-hits such as “Hell Yeah” with Tiesto, the Beatport #1 “How We Do” with Hardwell, the chart-dominating “Hey!” with Bassjackers, and the globally acclaimed super-smash “Cannonball” with Justin Prime. The brothers are part of Crazy Collabs where they partner up with other DJs and producers to come up with some of the craziest collaborations, how Showtek does this and still keeps original productions rolling is quite impressive. 2013 has been an excellent year for the boys with their debut Dim Mak release “Slow Down” hit the Beatport Top 5 five weeks in a row and their first OSWLA release, “Get Loose” with Noisecontrollers, was remixed by none other than the legendary DJ Tiesto, earning an overall Beatport #1 spot on the way. Now with their forthcoming track, “Booyah” featuring We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson, due out via Spinnin’ Records on August 19th, they continue on their musical hot streak.

So here they are, taking over TMN for the month of August with Wouter behind the decks and Sjoerd acting as MC, showing us why they believe this is their year, their show and why they want all of you to be a part of it.

Be sure to vote Showtek for the DJ Mag Top 100!

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[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo #17

Another week, another massive list of trap bangers to make you twerk. If you are stuck studying for finals like so many of us are, make sure to keep your headphones turnt up loud enough to let the people studying next to you in the library know whats up in the trap. Prepare to go “Buck Wild” with this first track by Brillz. This song hits hard in all the right ways with heavy bass and lazers and a super tribal second drop. Next Yellow Claw will make you throw your “Hands Up” with this remix of Dirtcaps but keep your hands down for his next original banger with Cesqeaux, because “Make It Clap” is for asses only. Another couple guys from Amsterdam, The Partysquad work with Tommie Sunshine on this track “Alright” for his recent Scion A/V EP and it is definitely better than just alright. The homie D!RTY AUD!O gets a lot trancier than we are used to hearing from him, but with a deep rumbling bass throughout, he proves that nothing is going to hold him back on his rise to the top of the Trap game. Huglife continues his path towards reclaiming his position as a Trap master with this remix of a classic Outkast track. ƱZ, LOUDPVCK, and many others round out the list while M!NT and Alex Young chill things out at the end.

As always, click here for all of this weeks free tracks

’Brillz feat TeddyTuxedo BuckWild – FREE DOWNLOAD’
’Dirtcaps – Hands Up (Yellow Claw Remix)’
’Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux – Make It Clap’
’Tommie Sunshine & The Partysquad – Alright’
’Code Black & Nitrouz – Cant Hold Me Back (D!RTY AUD!O Trap Remix)’
’SpottieOttieTrapaliscious – HugLife Remix **FREE DOWNLOAD**’
’Alex Metric – Rave Weapon (ƱZ Remix)’
’Ree$e – Molly (LOUDPVCK Remix)’
’Showtek – Cannonball (KO Trap Remix)’
’Hydraulix & Slakk – Whole Crew **FREE DOWNLOAD**’
’Sir Charles – Ca$h  To The Ceiling’
’M!NT – Saber
’Seven Lions.Days To Come ft. Fiora (M!NT Remix)’
’Cults – Bad Things (Alex Young Remix)’
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