Walking Shapes – Feel Good (Jonas LR Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Walking Shapes
Feel Good (Jonas LR Remix)

When we first consume new material, there’s endless subjectivity that impacts our reaction from personal taste to current mood but, regardless of reason, every week there’s always one or two tracks that get the repeat treatment. Such has been the case with our latest premiere, a remix that we’ve only gotten more excited to share after a couple days of constant listening.

Walking Shapes“Feel Good” was easily one of the catchiest tunes on their acclaimed debut album, Take Come On, proving true to its name–a fantastically cheery indie electronic jam. As part of a 3-track remix EP for the song, the Brooklyn quintet enlisted an unlikely up ‘n comer out of Leeds, Jonas LR, to take on the addicting tune.

The resulting re-imagination takes the song from a summery day to a hazy warehouse party. Jonas LR pairs the original’s near-falsetto vocals with a distinct UK Garage-tinted backdrop creating a few moments during the intro in which lead-singer Nathaniel Hoho’s voice resembles that of Zhu. As the track progresses, though, the listener is continually pulled in by an evolving sound scape that takes advantage of the track’s electronic melodies all the while completely changing the context that surround them. Quick, stuttering percussion and various 8-bit sounds bring a playfulness that, despite the complete make over, in some ways matches the original.

Even though it possesses elements of various emerging styles, this one proves enticing largely because it’s not quite like anything we’ve heard before. If you’re dig this as much as us, definitely check out Jonas LR’s Soundcloud page where he’s already got a few gems posted. The “Feel Good” remixes EP is out now–you can grab a copy here. Also, make sure to check out Walking Shapes at one of their upcoming tour dates with Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes, listed below.  Continue reading

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