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[NEW] Lana Del Rey – Serial Killer

lana del rey serial killer

It’s almost a year to the day since Lana Del Rey uploaded “Video Games” to YouTube, and already the all-American songstress is releasing new material to follow up from Born To Die. “Serial Killer” is a big and brash twisted kind of love song, which oozes sass by the gallon. Rumoured to be featured on the Paradise edition of her debut record, “Serial Killer” shows a more powerful Lana, one who’s ready to bring it and get what she wants. Check out “Serial Killer” below, and fall in love all over again with the voice of the year.

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[FRESH] Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen

Ellie Goulding anything could happen

We’re massive fans of the incredibly talented Ellie Goulding, so when the British singer-songwriter announced that her sophomore record Halcyon would be out on October 9, we got excited. And then we heard “Anything Could Happen,” and our excitement levels hit the roof. Ellie’s gone with a bigger, more vibrant sound than on her debut, and the sheer euphoria in her vocals on lead single “Anything Could Happen” drives the song to dizzying heights. Definitely a hit in the making, “Anything Could Happen” is set to drop on August 21. Check out the Instagram fan-lyric video below.

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[Indie] Stars – Backlines

stars Backlines

Canadians Stars are back with ‘The North’, their sixth full-length record, and to get us all excited for the album’s release, they’ve dropped the stellar ‘Backlines’. At just over two minutes long, ‘Backlines’ is short but bittersweet, with jangly guitars and gentle female vocals creating a pleasantly catchy haze for the listener to lose themselves in. One for the shoegaze fans out there, ‘Backlines’ is featured on ‘The North’, out September 4. If you hail from the States and Canada, you can also catch Stars live – tour dates here.

’Stars – Backlines’
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[FRESH] Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (St. Lucia Remix)

passion pit constant conversations st. Luica remix download

Johannesburg-born producer Jean-Philip Grobler, AKA rising star of the blogosphere St. Lucia, has given Passion Pit’s latest single “Constant Conversations” a new lease of life with a sensational remix. While it’s not a dramatic change from the original version (which we blogged about here), the song has more of a ‘big’ feeling, thanks to Grobler’s delicate electro flourishes. The original version of “Constant Conversations” is featured on Passion Pit’s record Gossamer, out now.

’Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (St. Lucia Remix)’
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[Remix] Björk – Sacrifice (Death Grips Remix)

bjork sacrifice death grips remix biophilia

Iconic singer Björk is known for her innovative projects, and this latest is definitely one of the most adventurous to date. As part of the promotion for last year’s Biophilia, Björk is releasing a series of remixes from some of the best electro producers out there – Hudson Mohawke and El Guincho, to name two. Part two of the series sees Death Grips take on the incredible “Sacrifice,” and it’s an intriguing experimental take on the track, with Björk’s airy vocals providing plenty of power and emotion to the mix.

’Bjork – Sacrifice (Death Grips Remix)’
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[Indie] Kyla La Grange – Love You Better (Maccabees Cover)

British rising star Kyla La Grange dropped her record Ashes recently, and this cover of the Maccabees’ “Love You Better” (available on the deluxe version) shows exactly why the Watford native has been on the receiving end of so much hype. Her fluttering, ethereal vocals come to the fore on this stripped-down cover, with gentle instrumentals providing a lush yet simple backing for La Grange. Definitely one for fans of Ellie Goulding and Florence + The Machine, Ashes is out now.

’Love You Better (Maccabees Cover)’
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[Electronica] Bon Iver – Perth (Teen Daze Remix)

The Bon Iver camp announced a remix contest for the folk singer-songwriter’s self-titled second album, and Teen Daze has stepped up to the challenge of reworking the gorgeous “Perth”. The Vancouver producer has kept the relaxed and minimal vibe of the original while adding a subtle and very smooth bassline. It’s not until around the 2:25 mark that things start to change dramatically, but we think this remix is near-perfect, and a strong contender to win the contest.

’Bon Iver – Perth (Teen Daze Remix)’
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