Baby Bash
Baby, I'm Back Ft. Akon (Christofi Remix) [Free Download]

The City of Angels is absolutely brimming with up and coming musical talent, and with its abundance of clubs, labels, and high-profile artists around every corner, it’s not hard to see why so many talented people flock to it’s beckoning call. Seemingly every week, we’re stumbling across another talented Angelino, and today is no different.

While we have posted about Christofi in the past, we’re grinning ear-to-ear with an opportunity to bring you an exclusive first listen to his remix of “Baby, I’m Back.” We admittedly had to dig around to bring back any recollection of this tune from Baby Bash and Akon. After all, 2004 was over a decade ago. Yet, when we stumbled across the sultry R&B tune, we instantly knew why Christofi chose to put a dancefloor friendly spin on it.

Intensifying the tempo, this young producer has created an energetic spin on this early 2000’s hit. With an added lively piano melody, a groovy bassline, and some sharp future house synthwork, “Baby, I’m Back” is back and ready to destroy dancefloors this weekend. The only drawback? It’s only Tuesday.

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