Everyone (except Californians) know that the weather changes throughout the year from season to season. It’s not always that we get to feel warmth and sunshine, but there’s one duo who doesn’t care what time of year it is. That duo is Beach Season. They’re bringing the Summer vibes no matter when, and right now they’ve brought their new single “Pink Room” into the dojo for a Music Ninja Premiere.

These two Canadians are no joke and neither is “Pink Room.” A cool blend of styles from pop, to house and indie-dance make up the song’s composition. Vocals have been a strong-suit in their work and with their growing catalog, we’re sure to get more and more of that; however, with the instrumental of “Pink Room” the guys pump up the pace a bit from their usual sound to give listeners something more vibrant and danceable.

This isn’t the only song Beach Season have coming this month, as they are gearing up for the release of their EP, Libra Year, on November 11th through Universal Music. In the meantime, enjoy “Pink Room” through Soundcloud, Spotify, or grab a copy on iTunes. Don’t forget to follow the duo on their Facebook or Twitter either! Gotta be ready to jump on the EP the moment it drops.

This was a song that we dug up from the archives and continued to develop. It started off as a slow jam that’s half the tempo of the version now and through out the last six months we had different writers and friends put their own spin on it. It’s been through a lot of changes and I think that it’s an accurate representation of our development in the past year.
– Beach Season

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