Days (Paul Gilmore Remix)

We’ve become obsessed with Austrian producer Paul Gilmore‘s remix of Lucia‘s crooning single “Days”, so it was high time we were able to share this entrancing piece of dance music with you Ninjas. The rework pushes off simply enough with a lightly plucked acoustic guitar progression and a bit of clicky percussion, while slowly strengthening its base through a deep, pounding bass kick. After the ambient intro settles itself into its hypnotic groove, we’re hit with a bouncy lead synth line which flits along aerially, giving off the same effect a layer of icing gives to a birthday cake. Furthermore, Lucia’s incantations are stained with exactly the necessary amount of reverb as we’re treated to the vocal track in its entirety; but those borderline pleas of “Never Listen” which echo as a chorus of sorts, make us want to do the exact opposite and just keep on listening. This was the consummate choice to pair with the frigid weather in our home offices, as atmospherically it matches superbly well, but also got us shaking our Ninja hips for some added warmth while we are at our desks. Download yourself a digital copy via dropify while you’re here, we promise you won’t be remotely disappointed.

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