Falcon Punch
Square One

The last time we had the pleasure of featuring Denver based laid-back dance slinger Falcon Punch was with a lovely contribution to MANI/PEDI Records “Silk”, and it was only shortly thereafter that he set the music blogosphere on fire with “Donald’s Bird”. Today, one of our most looked-to disko tastemakers is back with another tastefully arranged piece of placid dance construction, “Square One”. A funk-fueled, slow groover, “Square One” interweaves every piece of Falcon Punch’s sophisticated production psyche together effortlessly. Bouncing along on an understated and underground favoring deep synth line and a smattering of reverb treated Mo-Town vocal chops, we were easily entranced no less than four bars into his latest movement. But, the real treat for us was discovering the versatile musician’s talents extend far beyond the confines of computer production programs. Almost every inch of “Square One” pulses with painstakingly written and modulated analog instrumentation; from the delicate keys, to serene guitar plucking and swinging bassline, Falcon Punch occupies a tangible music space so few producers dream to delve into. It’s more than inspirative when we learn our favorite dance artists maintain and bridge the fundamental connection between legitimate music players and dancefloor wizards so needless to say, “Square One” has been on repeat around the TMN offices today. It’s high time our Ninja friends join the party, and to do you one better, grab a free download here.

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