Coming out of Los Angeles, the Black Marble Collective is here to sooth your ears with a soulful compilation called The Beginning. Future style beats plague the project, so for anyone looking for some dope records on the chiller side of things, then this compilation is a gold mine. Music from artists like Thomas Gordon, Glacci, KANE, Boogie Howser and more contribute songs to this album. Eighteen tracks total, plus a bonus, this is quite an ambitious collection of future. It seems as though compilations are becoming more and more popular from labels and collectives alike, with this being one of the better, more recent ones. If you’d like to download the entire compilation for free, you can do that here.

’Thomas Gordon – Plinko’
’Conrad Clifton – Do U’
’Flow Castle – I Need U’
’Glacci – Turquoise’
’Swisha Sweet – BAWL BEARING’
’Tee London – Soulmates’
’All.U.Need – I Got Bishh’
’DNSZLSK – Revolution’
’fzpz – Oscen’
’KANE – Jungle Jam’
’Jon Sigs – HOLD ME’
’Boogie Howser – Detour Theme’
’Ekali – Unfaith (Goldwater Edit)’
’KANE – Rainbow Road’
’FAB – Workin On My Shiiieeet’
’STVY RVRE – Pop That Body’
’Danger Ultra – Emoji Love (Original Mix)’
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