Ella Henderson
Mirror Man (The Golden Boy Remix)

We’ve always had an affinity for people who can seamlessly fuse decades together, especially when it comes to a modern approach at a genre. That’s just what we have today, as we put our headphones on, grin, and dance around the room to The Golden Boy’s interpretation of “Mirror Man.”

Dropping today on your favorite music blog, this remix offers up a fusion of classic house elements and 90’s dance music vocals and percussion. It beckons on those undeniably memorable dance hooks we heard when we were growing up, laced perfectly over a high-energy piano melody and driving bassline. What else would we expect though, when the samples are coming from the legendary Ella Henderson, who is celebrating her platinum album and two Brits Award nominations.

While the iconic guitar riff from the original is gone, her lyrics sync perfectly within this entirely new soundscape, taking her out right out of the concert halls and straight into the nightclubs. Though it’s a departure from the enticing original work, it still expertly pays homage to the golden, smokey tones we fell in love with from first listen.

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