Karma Fields
Build The Cities (feat. Kerli)

We ninjas love it when a new act jumps on the scene. When this act is being backed by Monstercat, it’s a whole different thing however. So is the case for Karma Fields, an unknown entity who has released its first original single called “Build The Cities.” You expect and are delivered a unique sound, with Kerli providing top quality vocals as she always does. Karma Fields constructed a piece that’s in between electro and tech house. It has a dark edge to it that makes things a bit eery, which fits in with the whole mysterious notion. We cannot wait to see how this act is further unraveled, as this first track already had a double premiere from Billboard and This Song Is Sick. “Build The Cities” is one of the cleanest tracks of recent times, so have it and if you find it to your liking, go on and support it on iTunes.

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