Elonious X Alexa Lusader X The Vizzion

If you enjoyed Boom Boom Snare Pt. I, then Boom Boom Snare Pt. II is going to be a godsend. That’s right, Elonious is back with another EP that is even better than the last, which is saying a lot. The EP is due out very soon, but us here at The Music Ninja had the privilege of getting our hands on “BLVRD” for your to listen to early in this premiere.

“BLVRD” isn’t an Elonious exclusive, rather, it’s a collaboration with the artists Alexa Lusader and The Vizzion. What we love about this song is that it’s not really like anything else. The smooth mixture of sounds makes for a captivating listen that seduces you from start to finish. The obvious ingredients to the song are R&B and future, but even that doesn’t blanket the range that this single has. It’s dynamic, fresh and so much more. Each artist shines in their own way, making this a special song. “BLVRD” is due out on Boom Boom Snare Pt. II, but an early listen wasn’t enough, so Elonious is dishing this one out for free.

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