What’s more exciting than a massive new track from a talented artist right in the hotbed of the blistering Australian music scene? A massive new track from two of these artists, combining to form a united force ready to dominate the festival season both at home and abroad. The lads in question, LDRU and Yahtzel, have been making waves all year and have tag-teamed many a crowd over recent tours in the local scene. Now, they’ve cemented their mateship with a new identity in Carmada, and have consecrated the union in the filthiest way possible. From its soulful future sounds to getting down and dirty with hard grinding basslines, ‘Maybe’ is a demonstration of just what these two are capable of with their skills pooled into one entity. Their debut EP is on the way in the coming months, but if this is any indication of what’s ahead, we foresee big things for this promising duo.

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