Just last week, we gave you a sneak peek at the upcoming EDM documentary Heard But Not Seen, which promised dance music lovers an inside look at the many different professions that work towards making incredible experiences for fans. Here we are on hump day, in early May, and we finally get to share the full film with you.

Co-premiering here today on TMN, this documentary is particularily important to us, as we’re one of the 11 interviewees who were asked to speak about our involvement with the industry. Even despite our involvement though, it’s still an incredibly engaging, intriguing, and worthwhile watch. Filmmakers Doug Bogan and Mike Koziel really outdid themselves, providing a timeless classic for dance fans around the globe.

Take a 1/2 hour to watch, then head over to our friends at Cadence & Cause. They’re Co-Premiering this with us today, and they’re also raising money to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.


Jared Lucas
Artist · Kap Slap

Alex Bender
Founder/Owner · Revere Management Group

Clayton Warwick
Co-Owner · The Music Ninja (blog) & Owner · Cadence & Cause

Matt Walt
Founder/Owner · Articulate Entertainment

Chris Culnane
Co-Owner · The Oxford Group

Ryan Taylor
Co-Owner · The Oxford Group

Melissa Lake
Executive Director · ONEHOPE Foundation

Vello Virkhaus
CEO/Creative Director · V Squared Labs

Tom McPhillips
Chairman/CCO · Atomic Design

Chris Anderson
Founder/Owner · Anderson Audio

Karl Detken
Director of Marketing · inMusic Brands


’Gazzo feat. Y LUV
Never Touch The Ground (Original Mix)’
’Manila Killa – 2h Du Matin (Ft. Mark Johns)’
’Kap Slap ft. Angelika Vee – Let It All Out (Radio Edit)’
’Tyde – Close’
’OLWIK – Villain (feat. Tyler Fiore)’
’Mooij & Dem Slackers – Contact – Original Mix’
’Moiez – What I Need This Time (ft. Alina Renae)’
’Speaker of the House – Seein’ Stars’
’Goose Bumps & Squib – I´m Gonna Make It (Original Mix) ‘
’Jam Couché – Coucherona (Original Mix)’
’Enda – It’s Alright’
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