Deadmau5 & Kaskade
I Remember (Shiba San remix)

Correct us if we’re wrong, but did we somehow sleep though the week and wind up knee deep in Friday night grooves? If we did, we certainly hope we can soon replicate said time travel, as we could probably market it pretty effectively. With that being said, holy shit. This remix from Shiba San is straight fire, sure to crush dance floors left and right this weekend.

There was a time and place in dance music where you couldn’t escape the original version of “I Remember.” Crafted by two industry legends, Deadmau5 and Kaskade, this tune cascaded through clubs, festivals, beaches, pools, cars, house parties, bathrooms, and pretty much anywhere else where one would find music. The invigorating lyrics provided by Haley Gibby are forever burned into the brains of partygoers from the first decade of the 2000’s, as all of us can remember a time where we said, “I love this song,” at a live venue.

Fanboy banter aside, taking on such a legendary song is no easy feat, yet Shiba San did so with effortless ease. Seamlessly blending in a splashy percussion section with a deep house bassline, this unique beatsmith has reinvigorated one of the most iconic tunes for modern dance floors. All we can say is – is it the weekend yet?

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