Ferreck Dawn
Heaven Sent

As our weather stateside continues to test the tolerable heat index while pool & rooftop parties begin rolling out in the masses, we’ve begun to start craving those perfect Summertime dance tunes. Much to our delight and listening pleasure, it seems that Dutch House superstar Ferreck Dawn heard our calls for tasteful singalong dance music as he’s dropped one of the most infectious tunes we’ve heard in 2015, “Heaven Sent”. Dawn’s certainly had the Midas Touch over the last year, racking up some of the year’s most notable deep-house cuts including collaborations with Redondo (“Love Too Deep” and “Something Else”) and “Heaven Sent” follows a sterling blueprint for club success. Featuring a soaring vocal, clearly the tune’s focal point, “Heaven Sent” rounds itself out further with uplifting grand piano stabs as its hook, scampering percussion and a perfectly swung bassline to create the type of tune that can be just as happily enjoyed in your car, relaxing in a pair of worthy headphones or in the middle of a sweaty, packed club floor.

“Heaven Sent” is out now on Beatport for our savvy listeners looking to add that choice ‘heat-track’ to their favorite playlists or DJ sets, but as you’ve made it this far, stream Ferreck Dawn’s latest single above.

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