Demand You (Ralphi Rosario Deepa Mix)

It’s always a treat to kick off Mondays after our excellent weekly playlist, The Chill Dojo, with some booty shaking House music. And, leading off our dance based selections today, we’ve got the first listen of Grammy nominated genre staple Ralphi Rosario‘s latest remix for Nightriders‘ “Demand You”. One of Chicago House’s pioneers as a member of the original 1981 ‘Hot Mix 5’ on WBMX Radio, Rosario is no stranger to any dance niche, this time offering a deep-house revision of the Nightriders cut. Shuffled hi-hats, peanut buttery thick kick-drums and a soulful chop of the original vocal track open Rosario’s ‘Deepa’ remix, while tinges of U.K. garage and Detroit techno effortlessly fold themselves in the form of scooting top-line synth and swelling pads. Clearly the dance legend hasn’t missed a beat, continuing to churn out excellent tune after excellent tune; and we’ve been falling all over this one since it came across our monitors over the weekend. Stream Ralphi Rosario’s take on “Demand You” above.

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