George Ezra
Budapest (Jack That House Bootleg)

Looking outside through our frost covered windows, we see nothing but frigid, below-zero winds blowing snow across the landscape. Inside though, it’s all sunshine, smiles and dancing, and we have Jack That House to thank for that.

Reworking a song as unique and uplifting as George Ezra’s “Budapest” is no easy feat. Set to the soft strums of guitars, a well-defined bassline, and a playful melody, the high spirited vocals and supporting percussive hums create such a well-defined vibe that it it’s hard to think of this tune any other way. Until today.

Focusing heavily on vocal sampling, which is divinely executed, Jack That House has dialed up a somewhat tropical house interpretation. Its deep melody and bassline and clean, simple percussions accentuate the grin-inducing vocal manipulation on “You”, leaving us with a middle finger pointed out the window. We’ll happily stay inside and dance today.

For you
I’d leave it all
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