Growing Up

Prepare your feels, PHIL GOOD‘s “Growing Up” is here to shake up your emotions in a big way. Songs that tell a story always hit a bit your heart a bit harder than ones that don’t and this is one that does that and so much more.

“Growing Up” portrays something a lot of us have gone through, if not everybody. PHIL GOOD pulls on your heart strings with every note upon an instrumental that perfectly embodies the feeling of the lyrics. Both the style of the vocal and the beat are quite unique, giving this tune a sharp edge over a lot of the indie/electronic music that is coming out. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but to listen several times through at least. Even when you decide to move on from the song, it still pulls at you to come back to it. See for yourself where things take you by clicking that play button. Love the track? Show it your love by hearting it on Hypem.

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