We want whatever water the people who work over at Warner Music Norway are drinking. Nothing but magic comes out of that camp. One act that is contributing to the immensely cool catalog of tunes is JCY. The trio came out with their song “Wasting Your Time” with Alida earlier this month. The song release was not enough, as they just dished out a music video to accompany it.

The cool thing about this music video is it serves as a lyric video. Although Alida sings the lyrics with clarity and beautiful strength, the animations add a nice touch to the video and serve to further cement the words in your brain. No doubt you’ll be singing along just as we have. JCY’s future bass instrumental is purely awesome. It’s a tasteful tune that has energy without trying to. The same goes for the video; it’s simple and fun. If you haven’t yet, get your copy of “Wasting Your Time” today.

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