Stalking Gia
Born Free (SoySauce Edition)

SoySauce took a different direction when flipping “Born Free” by Stalking Gia. Their official remix is a strong indie bomb that has already exploded onto the web, racking up plays in a hurry. Acoustic sounds play a central role in the arrangement, causing the listener to feel as though they are sitting right in front of a full band getting a live experience.

With the weekend approaching, it’s time to collect both bangers and chill masterpieces, with this being one of the latter. SoySauce continue to amaze with each production they put out as they attempt to take over with their unique sound. Identity is key in 2015, and these two are blasting their own path that will lead them to the forefront. Their journey is just beginning, with this track being a staple in their discography. Good thing about it is you can download it for free.

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