Shut up!

Never heard of Streakers before? I wouldn’t be surprised, because this act has just come out with their first single today. You may have, however, already become familiar with the two individuals who make up the New York duo, LARCY and Taylor Wise. Each have released incredible tracks in the past that have received some blogosphere loving. In coming together, their strengths are multiplied and any weaknesses (which I don’t think they even had) are squashed out. “Shut Up!” is the first concoction, one of indie vibes mixed with some pop action. Beautiful is one word that instantly comes to mind while listening to this tune. LARCY’s powerful songwriting abilities come through, with her voice excelling like never before. Taylor produced a hell of an instrumental that contends with stuff that wins people a Grammy. Inspiring, definitely; “Shut Up!” is one of the most emotive tracks of the year so far. And you can download it for free. Woo!

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