Before I say anything I want to tell you guys that we are very excited for this new step for the site. We have always wanted to print out shirts and are very committed to value and feel of the shirt. You are the reason we are doing this, we have kickass fans!

These designs are NOT FINAL, they are merely tentative designs that were provided to us and we are going to have to make the choice of what shirt we would like to print out first.

Design A:
I love the concept of this shirt, it still needs some work as I do not like the 80’s font. It has so much aggression but it still has the abstract vintage look that anyone could wear. I want to get your feedback to see what would you like done to it or would you wear it as is?

Design B:
This might be the second design we print out if we sell a lot of the Design A shirts. I love this shirt because it has OUR BELOVED LOGO! super kickass with a lot of attitude yet looks very clean and it perhaps will appeal more to the hardcore ninja fans.

So please comment on our facebook photo page with your feedback (or bellow this post, we just want to keep this organized). Whether it is a simple “Its cool” to an explanation what you like more than the other (or both). You guys are the reason we are doing this, we have kick ass fans.

Give us feedback here

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