’Nora En Pure – November Mini Mix’

Nora En Pure is locked in for a set at Beta Nightclub on November 20th, bringing her silky smooth deep house vibes to one of our all-time favorite clubs. We caught up with her ahead of this upcoming performance to ask a few choice questions about her first time at Beta and in the Mile High City.

As icing on the proverbial cake, she’s also graciously thrown in a tasty mini-mix. If you’ve never indulged in her skills, take time to do so as you read through this quick Q&A.

TMN: Miss En Pure. It’s a pleasure to have you for a few minutes before your upcoming show at Beta. This is your first time playing at this highly accoladed nightclub. Is it your first time in Denver as well?

NEP: Yeah, I saw it has an amazing line up, happy to be part of it! And yes, it will be my first time in Denver, as well!

TMN: Any club goers that haven’t been introduced to your mixing skills are in for a serious treat, which is why we wanted to showcase one of your mixes beforehand. Can you talk to us a little bit about your history behind the decks? Did that come before you dove into production?

I actually only started DJing after I began producing. I met some friends in Zurich that had their own studios, and they introduced me to creating music. I have always been musical, but discovering electronic music was huge for me, as I realized how free one can be with it! Once I started, I was hooked and loved exploring with new sounds and material for hours and hours on end.

DJing came later as more and more requests came in for shows. I just taught it myself and played according to my feeling and it seems to have worked out well 🙂 [/quote]

TMN: Your “Purified” show is a great example at your dedication to that craft. We know that you like to feature lesser known artists in your mix, but they always fit into the overall aesthetic. How do you research and find music for that show?

NEP: I am glad to hear that, the purified shows do take quite some time as well as I am quite picky. But, unfortunately, today there are more shows and less time than when I started, so I can’t dedicate as much time to it as I did in the beginning.

There are one, two days every week where I go through all upcoming releases on our label Enormous Tunes and its sub-labels and scan my favorite labels and artists on Beatport to see if they have new things. Also my promo inbox has every now and then cool stuff.

It doesn’t matter who created the track, but if it catches my attention, I will support it. I actually prefer to make the listener discover unknown music and artists. Purified is all about music that has a pure, organic, raw or sometimes funky sound to it. I love electronic music that has exotic elements, instruments and an overall good vibe.

TMN: Are there any up-and-coming artists that you’ve featured in those mixes you’d like to give a shout out to?

NEP: Yes totally, I have been enjoying the works of Norwood & Hills, Younotus and Nicolas Hannig – actually all of them are German artists that have released on some of our labels recently.

TMN: Your most recent release, a remix of “Monsters Off My Back” is quite the melodic journey. The classic piano work, fairy-like synths, and industrial percussion all come together perfectly. Talk to us about your approach on that interpretation.

This remix was a real challenge for me, because the original track is so wonderful and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t step on its toes! Passenger 10 is such an incredible producer, therefore I wanted to make sure I did the best I could! I had endless versions of it before I settled on the final one, and I think that it offers a nice alternative to the original.

TMN: And, we can expect to hear that in Denver, right? And “Convincing?” Don’t hold out on us. What else can fans expect from this show? Any tasty IDs you can talk about?

NEP: Haha, that’s nice to hear. I love playing “Convincing” if the crowd is up for the funk. But I don’t plan my sets too much, I usually jump from one setlist to the other and combine in a way that I feel fits to the crowd in front of me. I usually play quite a few originals as often people really celebrate those records and mix it up with some recent discoveries that I played in the purified episodes.

TMN: We’re certainly excited for the Mile High City and Beta’s loyal fans to experience an evening with Nora En Pure. Do you have any words for them before they come out to the show?

I am looking forward to see you guys there, and I am sure it’s going to be an unforgettable night.

TMN: Thank you for you time. We’ll see you on Nov 20th!

NEP: See you there 🙂

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