Daft Punk
Get Lucky (Remix) (Feat. Pharrell & T.I.)

Although he’s commonly known as the King of the Trap, T.I. has no problems with getting in touch with his inner pimp. He’s already explored this side of his personality on such singles as “My Love” with Justin Timberlake, and most recently, “Blurred Lines” alongside Robin Thicke and Pharrell. One thing that seems certain as we listen to this remix of Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky,” is that it definitely doesn’t seem to be official. Hell, it’s even debatable whether Tip’s verse was specifically recorded for this track all, as his flow sounds a bit discordant at times. However, we might just be able to chalk that up to the fact that this song was never meant to have a rap remix. Even so, it’s fun to hear exactly how one would turn out. Do you guys think T.I. did an admirable job on this one?


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Daft Punk