There is only one way to start off the summer outdoor concert series in Colorado and that is with a unbelievable show at Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Last Friday night as the sun began to set, the glow sticks and furry boots and Colorado geared out music fans alike all descended upon Red Rocks for the first big dubstep show of the summer, Global Dub Festival put on by Global Dance, AEG Live, and Sub.Mission. There was a silent vibe among the crowd, a glowing excitement for the amazing artists about to take the stage and for the happiness that comes with this concert experience. Here, dub artists were backstage preparing to play to a sold out crowd of 10,000 people, all ready to dance and jump and scream the night away as the music pulsated through each and every one of them.
First to the stage was the electronic duo Designer Drugs who amped the night up right with their touch on all music from electric to dub to trap to dance. They didn’t just warm the crowd up, they electrified the crowd to be prepared for the rest of the night. Then the four dirty boys of Dirtyphonics took to the stage, flying all the way from France to show Red Rocks some proper bass music love. If you want entertainment, try watching four guys make mixes constantly together, it takes dedication and these four delivered a impressive performance full of all things drum and bass. On their heels was none other than Zomboy who laid some straight mind control over this crowd. His energy carries from his music to every listener in the audience, not stopping for one minute to take a break, Zomboy raised the stakes.
Then the master of all bass took to the stage, triple X-rated himself, Excision. And no, he couldn’t bring his sound system this time because Red Rocks would be no more but don’t worry Rado, he’s coming back this fall with all the bass your ears can handle. Excision destroyed his set, throwing deep bass after deep bass all over the screaming fans that could not get enough of his bass in their faces. Excision never stopped running through all the bass he knew and the crowd kept craving for more after each drop.
The final man to the stage was none other than the blonde boy who blasts the gold dust through any speaker system he’s hooked up to, Flux Pavilion. Flux took the stage and with some insane visual graphics dancing on the screen behind him, he gave the audience all that they could ask for and more. He blew the roof, gave us daydreams, couldn’t stop and finally gold dusted the entire crowd who by this point were all standing, singing, screaming for all things Flux. Before he left the stage, Flux took the microphone and said, “Red Rocks has to be the best venue in the world. The fact that it’s next to Denver is a definite plus”. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the most amazing venue in the world with some of the biggest names in dubstep music to start off what is sure to be an epic summer at Red Rocks.

’Designer Drugs and Alvin Risk – Empty Hearted (Ultra Records)’
’Strange Enough (DESIGNER DRUGS Remix)’
’10.Dirtyphonics – “Walk In The Fire”‘
’08.Dirtyphonics – “Hanging On Me” (feat. Liela Moss)’
’Jam On It’
’Nuclear (Hands Up)’
’Destroid – The Invasion’
’Excision – X Rated Featuring Messinian’
’Flux Pavilion – Blow The Roof’
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