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[Music Video] Colin Domigan – Been Busy

Been Busy

One of dance music’s most down to Earth treasures is Colin Domigan. The Boston beat-maker is making his way back to us and has now delivered his second single of the year. “Been Busy” marks the beginning of the unveiling of Colin’s Buddy List album. With this first single we get a glimpse into what to expect from the project.

“Been Busy” didn’t come in simple sonic form, as a music video accompanies the audio file. Colin has always had high respect for the history of dance music, which is why his music pays homage to the style’s that came before his work. His techy, minimal sound is catchy, fun and exciting in a tasteful way. He captures your ears and body together without trying too hard. With the video, we get the same intimate vibe with images taken from a trip of his. Simple, thoughtful and memorable, Colin’s “Been Busy” release is a must have. Check it out today and head over to Bandcamp to get a copy.

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