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Catey Shaw – Human Contact (Speaker of the House Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Catey Shaw
Human Contact (Speaker Of The House Remix)

New York’s Catey Shaw‘s tune “Human Contact” has gotten a sick disco reanimation thanks to Speaker of the House. Newly formed for this premiere, “Human Contact” is a deep indie pop soiree meant for those who want to community build through the mediums of music and dance, because surely, you will be dancing. Upbeat house grooves with piano chords and other instrumentation make this one a perfect hump day jam to ease the day along. Deep house tends to be pretty simplistic, and although this is so too, there’s more layers to this exciting flip. Highly enjoyable? You bet. After you listen, if you would like to get the song you can do so here. Speaker of the House is one of my favorite deep house producers because of his unique style, which certainly sticks out in this remix.

If you’re digging this remix, or any of the others, head over to iTunes and pre-order the entire EP!

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