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[House] Richard Vission & Bad Boy Bill Ft. Jackie Boyz – Everybody Jumpin’

Richard Vission & Bad Boy Bill Ft. Jackie Boyz
Everybody Jumpin'

Sometimes DJ cliches can just be too much. There has been several songs based around certain watered down ideas, and those tracks tend be as equally stale. Well, we came across the song “Everybody Jumpin'” that was the exact opposite. Thanks to Solmatic for getting behind this one, and dishing it our way.

“Everybody Jumpin'” is a single by Richard Vission, Bad Boy Bill and Jackie Boyz. If you are looking for a fresh club record, this one is certainly going to satisfy your desires and get you grooving. Now, you may not jump, but dance, yes. It’s a minimalist’s dream, with a catchy bassline that is augmented by a varied barrage of synths, vocal chops and more. Whatever song has been stuck in your head recently is about to get a replacement. “Everybody Jumpin'” leaves you energized and ready rock. All the parties involved really did an amazing job with this one, and their work payed off in a big way.

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