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[Future Bass] Klahr & Galavant – Boiling feat. Natali Noor

Boiling (feat. Natali Noor)

Klahr is a gem. Coming off the excellent EP Dreaming Wild, Klahr returns with a single on Axtone called “Boiling” featuring Galavant and Natali Noor. Together these two put together something that is timeless. No matter when this would have came out, past or future, it would still be a huge original.

“Boiling” has only actually been out for a few days, but it’s one of those tracks that upon first listen you realize you won’t need time for it to set in as a classic. That’s just its inherit nature. Natali Noor’s performance put her in upper echelon of our favorite vocalists. She stands out on this to a high degree. For Klahr, we know he can do anything and with this he even took us by surprise with its style and quality, something Galavant certainly contributed to.

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[Multi-Genre] Klahr – Dreaming Wild EP

Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Remember the name. If you already know it, you know how talented the producer is. If you don’t know the name, then you’re about to find out just how talented he is thanks to the newly released Dreaming Wild EP.

Released on Axwell’s Axtone, Dreaming Wild is a stunning collection of four singles. When an extended project like this, one that takes the listener on a journey usually pans out better for both parties. That’s the case with this wonderful EP. Each song is different, each one fresh to the others, making the full EP experience highly enjoyable. He touches on future bass, electro and more, with our favorite being the house hit “Koto.” They’re all fire, but this one is especially hot. Dreaming Wild is currently available through digital retailers. Trust us, get a copy.

’Dreaming Wild’
’Shinjuku Speed Dating’
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