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[House] KREAM – Decisions (feat. Maia Wright)

Decisions (feat. Maia Wright)

The Slettebakken brothers KREAM made a whole lot of great decisions when creating their latest record. “Decisions” with the ever so talented Maia Wright. Together they designed a certain hit that has been released by Big Beat Records.

“Decisions” isn’t shy, it gets going in a hurry. Maia Wright’s vocal is just a black hole of beautiful tones pulling you in. KREAM’s bubbly production bounces between various styles with the introduction being much more poppy and vibrant, while in the breakdown we get a trappy R&B cut. With the main meat of course we get the perfect blend of house. It all plays together extremely well for another jam from KREAM.

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[Electronic] KREAM – Deep End

Deep End

There’s a reason people don’t want you to go off the deep end. We’d rather you get on it, in the form of the “Deep End” created by the Norwegian act KREAM. The future-tinged original has been released by Big Beat Records and sports just enough pop crossover sound to really, well, pop!

“Deep End” is one of those records that feels familiar at first listen, but upon evaluating it or listening a few times, you notice the subtleties that set it apart from a lot of the usual future pop songs that have been coming out over the past couple of years. There’s a reason KREAM is a mainstay at Big Beat and this is just one of the many pieces of evidence as to why. “Deep End” is available on digital platforms today for those looking to support this one.

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[Video] KREAM – Taped Up Heart feat. Clara Mae

It’s common to wonder what our purpose is in life. Determination to find the place we fit in best is at the forefront of human nature so when Big Beat Records resident KREAM created “Taped Up Heart,” they successfully incorporated an everyday struggle into enjoyable and relatable music. Music is a way to express individuality and when it’s mixed with real world insecurities it transforms from art to an advocate for those who may not know where they stand in the world.

The duo ended 2016 with the dance heavy hit and now they’re bringing it back to kick off 2017 with an official music video. Directed by Sam Mosher, and pulling inspiration from David Fincher’s Fight Club, the video takes place in an alternate reality and explores the idea of finding your place in the world.

This song is all about dealing with your inner demons and Samy did an amazing job bringing “Taped Up Heart” to life. Everyone has had that feeling of being an ‘other’ and wanting to find their place or purpose. Maybe it’s through music, maybe it’s joining an underground fight club

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