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Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Juicy J Remix)

Constant Conversation
(featuring Juicy J)

I am kind of at a loss for words, but I must admit Juicy J actually kind of kills it on this remix of an already awesome Passion Pit hit. While we generally associate the former Three 6 Mafia member with high-energy, ratchet tracks like “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” he actually has demonstrated an ability to rock laid back beats with out really changing his style of rapping. It is pretty cool that outlandish collabs like this can happen today and shouts to Juicy for keeping an open mind this deep into his career. This, more than anything, is how he has managed to maintain so much relevance in today’s constantly evolving hip-hop landscape. Stream this unexpected remix below and look out for Juicy J’s Stay Trippy, due out soon.

[via theFader]

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[Electronic] Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Sinden Remix)

To be honest, the last time I heard of UK producer/DJ Sinden was when he was a part of The Count and Sinden and they had just released “Beeper.” That was back in 2008, when EDM just started getting a glimpse of the mainstream spotlight in the US (and A-Trak released a catchy remix of “Beeper”).

Today, Sinden is making his way back to the American limelight, with a remix of “Take A Walk,” by Passion Pit. His take on the song is far different from the original, but still maintains a summeresque feel. The production on this remix contains some eclectic elements, such as the 80s synthestration, wobble, and emphasis on percussive components. As a whole, this track grew on me with each listen. Catching just some of the subtleties in the mix, I appreciate how his complexities in the track manage to balance the minimalistic groove into a well-produced package. If you’re up for venturing into relatively new musical territory, give this a listen.

’Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Sinden Remix)’

Download the remix for free here.

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[Remixes] The Best of Passion Pit Remixes

As you can tell, from this and my previous post, I’ve been listening to a lot of remixes. I recently came across Bubblegum Sci Fi and discovered they just came out with an amazing remix of The Reeling by the American electronic band Passion Pit. With their popularity rising thanks to the well recieved album, Manners, Passion Pit has been targets of an enormous amount of mash-ups and remixes. Filtering through the countless remixes of their work, I’ve come up with a list of the best of the best. Enjoy!

MP3: The Reeling (BUBBLEGUM SCI FI REMIX)realpicturepassionpit

’The Reeling (BUBBLEGUM SCI FI REMIX).mp3′


MP3: Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)

’Passion Pit – Little Secrets _Jack Beats Remix_.mp3′


MP3: Little Secrets (Jaymo and Andy George Remix)

’01 Little Secrets (Jaymo and Andy George Remix).mp3′

MP3: The Reeling (Burns Remix)

’The Reeling (Burns Remix).mp3′


MP3: Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Hey Champ Remix)



Bonus: Not a remix but a feature
Chiddy Bang -Truth (ft. Passion Pit)

’07 Truth (ft. Passion Pit).mp3′
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