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[House] Ronzel – Hallucinations


The brand new imprint Jackson Records has launched with the release of “Hallucinations” by the San Diego producer Ronzel. This deep and enduring house record sees Ronzel play with new tones and textures, expanding his already impressive palate.

“Hallucinations” is all tech, with cosmic soundscapes, driving basslines, crisp, bustling percussion and so much more. It’s an intricate piece that’s more than meets the ears. It’s a track that is great in a club, but also engaging in headphones as you’re able to zone out of the world and immerse yourself in Ronzel’s creation fully. Check out the track today and if you like what you hear, then feel free to grab a copy of it from iTunes.

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Ronzel feat Blak Trash – GWAP [TMN Premiere]

Ronzel feat Blak Trash

California is taking over the dojo with this premiere. “GWAP” was created by San Diego producer Ronzel who teamed up with Oakland’s own Blak Trash. Get your dancing shoes on, this one will get you grooving.

Released on Ghetto Ghetto, “GWAP” is a dirty deep house record that hits the bulls eye as far as good club music goes. As with many house tracks like this, the bassline takes the lead on getting you on your feet and moving. It’s simple, catchy and all around dope. Both acts killed it, delivering a song that isn’t as straightforward as you may think. They spice things up with little surprises here and there. Overall, great tune and you heard it first here in the dojo! Get your copy of “GWAP” today.

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