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[Electronic] Shmuck the Loyal – Not Alone

Shmuck the Loyal
Not Alone

Shmuck the Loyal has finally followed up with a release after dropping his HISTRIONICS EP nearly five months ago. His retro-inspired original “Not Alone” features many classic sounds from the early days of dance music, as well as samples that kick nostalgia into gear for any gamers.

“Not Alone” doesn’t aim to be a labeled to a certain genre. Instead of bounces through various styles for one fun four minute ride. There is so much going on it almost feels like several songs in one. It’s nice to see Shmuck back at it with such a cool tune that isn’t attempting to ride any popular waves. He’s always done his own thing and you can count on him to keep that up.

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[Electronic] Shmuck The Loyal – HISTRIONICS EP

Shmuck The Loyal has been putting out a solid amount of work in the past few weeks, with his recent EP being the biggest project. The four track HISTRiONICS EP sees the Nashville producer continuing to progress on an iconic, hypnotic signature sound.

HISTRiONICS is the second EP from Shmuck and features his previously released single “Slipping.” The EP starts out with the Kiya Lacey collaboration on “Tempt” that exudes a dark, psychedelic sound. The rest of the project follows suit, but shifts Shmuck’s style through different avenues to add depth from start to finish. Overall it’s an EP that you’re going to want to jam through a few times at least!

’Shmuck the Loyal – Tempt ft. Kiya Lacey’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Slipping’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Adapt’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Endure’
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[Electronic] Shmuck the Loyal – Cough

Shmuck the Loyal

If you were searching the internet for something out of the ordinary, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. Shmuck the Loyal has come through with a dazzling original called “Cough” that will leave you intoxicated with its iconic sound.

“Cough” is an ethereal trap-infused original that brings a whole lot of attitude to the table. Its unconventional sound is what makes this such a dope record. It’s fire through and through with nasty basslines and impressive breaks that shake up any expectations you may have for bass music. Shmuck the Loyal did things right with this and is now on our list of artists to watch for 2018 in a big way.

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